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Prepare your Binocular purchase online: To choose your binoculars, here is a buying guide by VISIMAXI, specialized in the online sale of optical binoculars since 2004.

 First question to ask:

 1. What is the main use of the binocular that you want?

Are you looking for a pair of binoculars? Powerful binoculars, or rather leisure binoculars, or else an astronomy binocular for observing the stars like the vast majority of fans, amateur astronomers who observe the deep sky. Or do you need a pair of giant astronomical binoculars with adapter on a tripod, high magnification binoculars dedicated to astronomy or buy a telescope instead of a binocular ...

But, if you want to see in the dark, the dark night that the naked eye cannot distinguish an object with zero lux, equip for night vision devices, infrared binoculars or night vision monoculars. Just like thermal binoculars whose uses are reserved for terrestrial vision with a limiting distance to the horizon in total darkness and therefore “zero lux black night”, these high-performance devices are often equipped by emergency services, research, Securities, sea rescues in the wild ocean ...

In broad daylight, marine binoculars, boat binoculars, sea fishing binoculars are different. In boating, navigation binoculars or nautical binoculars are often integrated with a reticulated system and a steering compass with azimuth. These compass binoculars are designed to accompany navigators in plotting their route. We also require waterproof binoculars and floating binoculars for boating. On the high seas, stabilized binoculars or commonly referred to as Image stabilizer binoculars are a plus. Their unique electronic stabilization system provides a stable view despite their high magnification. These high magnification image stabilizer binoculars, their prices are often high, so it all depends on your use.

In the open air, observation binoculars are very varied. Binoculars for nature, binoculars for birds, binoculars for animals, etc. Among them, binoculars for hunting are often good bright binoculars. Just like the ornithology binoculars, they are designed with superior optical treatments. These “luminous” prestige binoculars are sometimes less affordable. While hiking binoculars, tourism binoculars, and travel binoculars are widespread. These inexpensive binoculars offer quality optics at moderate prices.

There are also panoramic binoculars for distant observations. Suitable for stunning views, sea view or mountain view etc. Binoculars with or without coin acceptors for the general public installed on an aluminum column form for unobstructed views ... While ultra powerful zoom binoculars and Spotting scopes are ideal for precision, because they allow us to bring the focused images with details. In addition, there are Range Finders which are composite optics for seeing and measuring distances.

Or just a pair of child binoculars, naturally these are lightweight binoculars designed for children or amateurs. Adjustable binoculars, premium binoculars for beginners, ideal for learning to adjust optics. Like autofocus binoculars or fixed-focus binoculars, they are very easy to use. For events, sport binoculars and theater binoculars are often compact binoculars to put in your pockets, just like walking binoculars, walking binoculars, etc.

 Unlike the microscope, the binocular optics are linked for outdoor observations. Exactly as you must understand the observers are different needs among criteria and users to choose their binoculars. As we can see that the twin universe is an extraordinary universe. It is very rich to discover and then to discover this world. Treat yourself to optical binoculars for Christmas, for birthdays, for Father's Day, for Mother's Day, or for grandfathers and grandmothers, for Valentine's Day ... Because we don't is never so spoiled as by oneself. A passion deserves to be shared… So, let's share our passion by providing The pleasure of giving… a good pair of binoculars is an ideal gift for these occasions.

Discover the list of our best gift ideas to offer ... (coming soon ...)

Reminder: Choose binoculars according to their use

The choices of binoculars are very diverse, and the list goes on:

Pocket binoculars

Compact binoculars

Leisure binoculars

Opera glasses

Binoculars beginner hike ride

Binoculars for tourists

Travel binoculars for travelers

Hiking binoculars

Sport binoculars

Binoculars traveling

Binoculars for nature

Binoculars hunting for hunters

High twilight index binoculars

Binoculars for animals

Binoculars ornithology

Binoculars for birds

Marine binoculars for navigation

Nautical binoculars with compass

Binoculars boats

Stabilized binoculars

Binoculars for cruising

Binoculars for fishing

Binoculars for flora and fauna

Binoculars for astronomy,

Powerful observation binoculars

High magnification binoculars

Binoculars for night vision

Infrared binoculars

Night vision binoculars

Illuminated binoculars

Giant binoculars

General public binoculars

Coin operated binoculars

Binoculars coins

Panoramic binoculars

Spotting scope for precision

Golf rangefinder

Rangefinder hunting

Mirror Telescope

Astronomy telescope

After determining the use of the binocular, we will dig deeper into optical performance.

The brands are their choice of very varied ranges, this is a main factor in the game of quality.

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Second question to ask:

1. What is the budget for the binocular you want?

Choosing the right binoculars according to their optical performance

Care and Accessories: The binoculars eyecups have become loose over time.

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