VISIMAXI® Headlamp with "Retrograde" lighting

REVOLUTIONARY HEAPLAMP - A MUST! This ultra powerful but lightweight headlamp is revolutionary. The high quality CREE Q3 bulb up to 100,000 hours. Faster more convenient by a single switch. 3 lighting modes plus a "Retrograde" lighting * for security. Compact, lightweight and comfortable for all hands-free operations.

VISIMAXI® Headlamp with Retrograde lighting

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This small headlamp incorporating the most popular bulb on the market: CREE Q3, envions 250 lumens (lm) Its lifespan reaches up to 100,000 hours! Easier and more convenient, thanks to the key interrupt key. According to military standards, this single switch allows functions to be performed by one hand making it operational in all situations. Its lifespan is over 20000 times! Covers a large lighting area, you can combine totally different ways. Thanks to the rotatable and removable head in 90 ° degree, for concentration settings plus projections of brightness in all directions. Effective and efficient. The digital electronic circuit is well protected by its solid box made of aluminum alloy. In contrast to the plastic shell, this solid case inherits the benefits of high level of oxidation. Total moisture insulation that explains its excellent performance. Ultra compact & comfortable, resistant to rain, this revolutionary headlamp will be your best companion for all 'OUTDOOR' activities. Multi-purpose >> ATV Cyclists / Do-It-Yourselfers / Campers / Hikers / Scouts / Fishermen etc.

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