Bearing Compass with tracer (Outdoor Compass or Navigation) KAKI

Compas de relèvement : Boussole plein air ou navigation; Matière: Métal Alu Usage: amateurs ou professionnels

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Bearing compass: Outdoor compass or navigation

  • - Material: Metal Alu
  • - Usage: amateurs or professionals
  • - Folding size: 75x57x30mm


  • Robust metal housing
  • Unwatched viewfinder
  • Thumb position to hold
  • Magnifying glass to increase reading accuracy
  • Adjustable light step
  • Floating & illuminated dial with oil bath for fast reading
  • Foldable pocket size for carrying
  • Ideal for locating positions on a map or in the field
  • Excellent for hiking, camping and outdoor activities
  • Dial: clear & accurate scale with two rows for accuracy  

(Outer ring: 64-00 mils a military system partition)

(Inner ring: 360 degree azimuth angle division)

Instructions for compass "Lensatic"

Take a fixed object: Using the compass viewfinder, point to an important landmark or something indicated on the map. Look through the magnifying glass for a precise reading.

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