Guarantees in France or outside France in the EU

Visimaxi guarantees:

Section 1:  Optics at least 5 years
Section 2:  Vice or Defect: 1 to 5 years maximum *
Section 3:  Electronic maximum 1 year
Visimaxi Warranty applies to purchases of Visimaxi products in FRANCE or out of France in the EU: You have effectuated your purchase in FRANCE or outside France in the EU, this Warranty is granted and limited by Visimaxi ("distributed by the SICICOM ")
Section 1Optics least 5 years

Optics Warranty: All optical products commercialised under the name Visimaxi (French brand) are naturally guaranteed for a period of five (5) years minimum. In principle, we offer you solid and durable optical products, their quality may last for lifetime without any change.

Section 2:  Vice or defect : 1 to 5 years maximum *



Defects: 30 days maximum


After your purchase, it is always advisable to check the status of your optical product.

All defects* such as parallelism, offset optical lenses or eye peeled, disassembled etc. coating must be manifested in 30 days from the date of purchase for a free replacement product. After this verification period, your product is still under warranty for 1-5 years, but likely to be considered for paid repair estimate. (see conditions below)

1) Your Equipment is guaranteed against defects in workmanship or materials when used under normal conditions for one (1) year (5) years from the date of purchase of equipment ("Warranty Period: defect in workmanship").

« Verification Period:30 days >> free » "Free material return" for a replacement product against defects * (shared transport cost)

« Warranty Period:One (1) year:Vice or Default : with / without cost »


During the «Warranty Period » according to the situation of the equipment, it will be repaired or replaced at the option of SICICOM with / without charge for parts or labor for the first 12 months / one (1) year. This Warranty only covers repair or replacement of equipment (transportation costs not included).

After the first year, it is always possible to return the equipment to the maximum of 5 years to repair or location. Operations will be charged with the cost and the cost of transport, charge for parts or labor any work.

2) The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and damage caused by misuse.


Warranty does not cover when the Equipment was opened or repaired by someone not agreed and does not cover repair or replacement of all or part of a consecutive Material damage resulting from: misuse, moisture or the presence of liquids, proximity or exposure to heat, accident, misuse, use contrary to the instructions supplied with the Hardware, neglect or inadequate use. Warranty does not cover physical damage to the surface of the Material.

Section 3:  Electronic maximum 1 year

All products with electronic functions commercialised by Ste SICICOM are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year. (For the brand Visimaxi or any other brands)

How It Works the WARRANTY?


3) For a claim, please contact us during the Warranty Period by mail or by email to explain the nature of problem and obtain a return material agreement with our confirmation.

After our confirmation, you must return the material accompanies the details of the problem related to the product, your sales receipt with the date of purchase and your complete coordinated, to the following address:

SICICOM (customer service) 49 ave du bac 94210 La Varenne St Hilaire France

We recommend you to notify us as soon as possible when you detect the vice or defects (first 12 months: within Warranty Period of 1 year), we do our best to bring you a friendly solution and guarantee you complete satisfaction for all types of claims.

From the 2nd years up to maximum 5 years, SICICOM may charge within reasonable limits the handling related to the shipments, the repairs or replacements of the Equipment.

For all questions regarding warranties, please contact us at

Telephone: 331 49 76 08 72


email: [email protected]


Visimaxi Limited Warranty 2019 - 05